Comment Policy

1) I reserve the right to moderate any/all comments as I see fit.

2) I request that ideas and not people critiqued, discussed, et cetera et cetera. If you are name-calling, harassing or just not treating another person kindly your comment will be deleted.

3) To quote Emily Joy Allison at “Anonymous comments will be deleted faster than you can say, Mark Driscoll”. Here’s the thing, I am writing and I am sharing and I am willing to be wrong and I am willing to attach my name to what I’m saying. I ask that you do the same, and if you are unwilling to have your name attached to your comment, perhaps you should reconsider what you’re saying.

4) Please do actually critique, because I am not perfect and my thoughts are not perfect, so if you disagree with me please feel free to TELL ME, just also tell me why you disagree (also preferably without telling me what I have to do).

*There are a few comments on my very first post that do not meet various aspects of this criteria. They were not deleted because a comment policy had not been instated. Now it has.