I am a Bible school grad learning to unlearn my faith and then hopefully learn it again. I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago by incredible parents who gave me houseful of siblings to love and to terrorize. I now reside within the beautiful second city, and even though I cannot stand our winters our summers make it worth it.

I love coffee, chocolate, fresh mozzarella, red wine, whiskey, music and musicals, movies, museums, plays, spoken word, poetry, books, boats, beaches, and being undone when I see God in unexpected places.

I’m a starving artist, and by that I mean a hopeful actress and playwright, who makes ends meet as a barista at a wonderful coffee shop.

I’m an oldest child, INFP, verbal-processor, and terrible multi-tasker.

I am a dreamer, writer, traveller, tweeter, wanderer, thinker, learner, sister, daughter, and lover of beautiful things.

I live in an unofficial bohemian community (at least I think that’s what it is) with amazing people who make my life rich and full.

Sometimes I blog.